Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Outdoor Play Areas.

Spring is here and it is a time when kids want to play outside.  There are so many ways to set up a play area.  The nice thing is you don't have to have a big yard.  A small swing set, or sand box or just a swing on a tree will provide a great play time outside.  If you have a large yard the possibilities are unlimited.  There are big sets out there which combines swings, slides, jungle gyms and all kinds of neat activities for kids.  Croquet and badminton sets can be set up.  Pools come in all sizes from baby to grown-ups.  There are themed ideas out there too.  How about a castle, tree house, play house, or fort.  I even found one with a  climbing wall!

Choosing items for an outdoor play area are very important, because you want them to be safe and age related for kid's abilities.  Below are some pictures I found with a variety of set-ups.  Take a look, and comment if you have additional ideas!

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