Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Council Limits Adults In Library Children's Rooms, Citing Homeless Complaints

The Santa Clarita, CA City Council has amended the "Code Of Conduct" for the city libraries due to complaints about homeless people making a habit of hanging out there.  The new code limits adults in the children's rooms.  Only adults accompanying children, or ones who have been given permission by Library staff will be allowed in the children's rooms.  Others will be asked to relocate to other areas of the Library.

Since I have lived in a small town most of my life, I never thought about this being a problem.  But I can see that in this day and age of  "homelessness", that it could definitely become a problem.  I agree that we have to protect our children, and this seems to be a fair way.  Hopefully we will be able to bring more help to our homeless people in the future.

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