Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Organize All Those Toys #3

Wow!  I found an awesome toy room storage idea!  It is for a very large room! Most of us wouldn't have a toy room this big, but there are ideas which can be incorporated into a smaller room.

I really like the sunken wall design.  It has both shelves and bins for toys, books, and those special toy collections.  I also think the room divider shelf is a good idea.  It can be used to separate the actual play area from the bedroom area.

When I look at this room, I visualize kids pulling out ALL there toys and have them spread everywhere!  But I can also see a big train set or race track set up here.  Or a kitchen play-set, a small tent, and any other creative idea that parents can come up with.  This would be lots of fun for kids!

Can you think of pros and cons for this room?  Feel free to comment!

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