Sunday, February 5, 2017

Let's Organize All Those Toys #2

I can remember when my kids were little their toys were always all over the place!  We were always picking them up and trying to find a place for them.  We tried several things to keep them organized.  One was the big toy box.  Back then (50 years ago) toy boxes were the popular item.  It was easy for the kids when it came time to pick up the toys.  Everything was literally thrown into the toy box. The only problem was when there was a specific toy they wanted it was invariably on the bottom of the box.  Yes, here comes all the toys back out until that toy was found.  And of course we are back to the mess on the floor.  In today's world there are so many options to choose from for organizing toy storage.

I found this grouping shown below.  It has both storage bins and shelves. This type of storage is fairly common.

I like these because specific items can go into individual bins.  Also the bins can be lined up side-by-side along the wall.  This is good for the younger children because they can easily reach into all the bins.  As they grow, more bins can be stacked on top with the recommended height of three being the max.  A lot of them come with the wall attachments so they can't be tipped over.  This is an important safety feature for your children.

This grouping looks really nice to me, and can be made for boys or girls.

Please feel free to make a comment, especially if you have used this type of storage to help organize your children's toys.

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