Thursday, January 26, 2017

Let's Organize All Those Toys!

We found a good idea for organizing toys for you this week.  It offers a stand alone wooden shelf unit with 6 folding colored fabric bins.  The bins have cut-out handles which can be pulled out for easy handling and filling.  The dimensions of this shelf are 31.875L x 11.5W x 24.875H in., and it has a non-toxic painted finish.

I liked the compact size which will fit into tight spaces and still give you a lot of storage room.  It is attractive for both boys and girls to enjoy.  I also liked that you can take the removable bins to another area of play.

For safety reasons I think the unit should be attached to the wall so there's no way a child could tip it over.  I would also like to see it in lighter colors or maybe the natural wood color.

What do you think about this storage shelf?  Do you like it, or not?  Your comments are always welcome!

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